Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Great Fat Burning Exercises

10. Skip the elevator's and park further away.
This may not be a extremely affective exercise but if you do this every day of the week when you go to work or other activities it will certainly build up to something substantial.

9. Weight Lifting.
Weightlifting usually tends to be a pretty brief session so the total number of calories that you may have actually burned seems to be on the lower end of the scale but the feelings of doing this are great motivatiors. Lifting weights is a great foundation for all of your other fat burning activities and exercises.

8. Walking
A great way to burn fat while walking is to change the way you walk. It will be a lot more helpful to you if you turned your normal walking into "power walking". In order to really burn the fat and calories you will have to increase the intensity of your workouts. You can also make it harder by doing this up hills, and that will really increase the intensity of this workout.

7. Using Stair And Elliptical Machines.
Another great way is to make use of the older but still very popular Stair machines and the newer elliptical machines also work very well. The elliptical tends to be more of an all around workout and is a bit more intense then the normal stair machines. These machines can usually burn about 600 calories every hour.

6. Rock Climbing And Rowing
Rock climbing and rowing is a great way to gain upper body strength and get a great cardio workout. If you try some rock climbing or rowing then this will burn on average 300 to 380 calories for every 30 minutes of exercising.

We hope you liked these tips and there will be another 5 tips coming for you soon.